Intel has more than 650,000 euros in Coinbase shares

Intel appears to own USD 763,000 (converted more than 650,000 euros) in shares of cryptocurrency platform Coinbase, according to a declaration with the market regulator Securities and Exchange Commission (via Barron’s). Intel is required to disclose such information as it owns more than USD 100 million in shares in public companies.


Intel’s stock paints an interesting picture, as the company only owns shares in a few companies. By far the largest investment went to shares of cybersecurity company McAfee. Cryptocurrency has enough information. At the relevant snapshot on June 30, those shares were worth almost 140 million euros. Intel also owns nearly 4.9 million euros in shares in hardware company MaxLinear and more than 2.2 million euros in shares in payment processing company Shift4Payments.

Intel’s limited portfolio suggests it actually sees something in the companies in question. This probably includes cryptocurrency because of Coinbase, according to Statista the twelfth largest crypto exchange in the world. Coinbase went public in April of this year and already reached a record value of about USD 340 per share that same month. has enough information. At the time of writing, that price is well over USD 250. It is not known exactly when Intel bought back the shares.

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