BECAUSE No Bitcoin update: we spotted these Altcoin predictions

While the European trading markets are now nearing the end, today, in addition to the current prices of Bitcoin and Altcoins, we will consider a number of interesting crypto coins and the predictions that analysts make about them. We also have good news for Bitcoin watchers. Tonight they will be delighted with a new Bitcoin break.

Of course we start with the current prices of Bitcoin and the most important crypto coins.

Bitcoin and crypto market recover after yesterday’s correction

At the time of writing, the Bitcoin is trading at EUR 27,832.81 ($ 33,764.33), which is 2.56% higher than yesterday afternoon’s rate. The rest of the crypto market is also recovering quickly after yesterday’s correction. The biggest climber is Stellar (XLM) with a profit of 16.38%. Among the red numbers (which do not represent much), Neo (NEO) stands out in particular. Where this Altcoin went against the trend yesterday with a decent profit, we see the opposite today. Against the trend, the main crypto currency recorded the largest loss of 3.60%. Of course you can follow the live crypto prices yourself on the site. Netherlands Cryptocurrency price predictions is popular.

These Altcoins stand out for February in addition to Bitcoin

After the rally and correction of the past weeks, we can almost write a book about the price of the Bitcoin. In addition, we would almost forget that the Altcoins are also experiencing significant growth. We are now seeing the first predictions for February.

Cryptotrader and YouTuber Austin Arnold shared an interesting update today. He foresees that DeFi will also become a trend in 2021. His biggest objection to the Ethereum Blockchain for DeFi projects is that it is not compatible with other Blockchain. Based on the situation surrounding Cardano (ADA), which achieved substantial profits with the integration of this compatibility, he expects such a way to link Blockchains to become a must.

Based on this assumption and a number of analyzes, he names Cardano (ADA), SushiSwap (SUSHI) and Neo (NEO) as potential toppers for February. You can see his entire analysis in the video below. Cryptocurrency price predictions is popular.

Will this Altcoin chase Bitcoin for the next three years?

The Bitcoin makes huge returns on an annual basis. Cryptowatcher Timothy Peterson foresees that the Chainlink (LINK) is also on the way to delivering stable annual returns. He predicts that the cryptocurrency that set up quickly this year will be worth more than $ 100 in the next three years. This means that he is heading for an annual return of 80% per year for the next three years.

For his analysis he uses the Metcalfe model he developed. The early omens don’t seem to be deceiving as many investors are moving their coins from exchanges to private wallets. As always, there is a “but”. A strong growth of the Bitcoin can be at the expense of the prediction of the Chainlink (LINK) price. You can see his entire analysis here. As always, it is advisable to do your own research and only choose based on rational arguments whether you want to invest in crypto coins or another investment.

Want to stay informed of the latest price developments?

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